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Holistic Music Lessons

Highly Trained, Experienced and Versatile Pianist

Now Accepting Students for Holistic Piano Lessons and Voice

After having been taught and trained by some of the most elite music
professors and pianists of the 20th century in Germany, and while obtaining a
Master’s Degree in music, I have gained more than 40 years of experience as a
music teacher and concert pianist in Europe and the U.S.A.  I also played
and sang with a Big Band in Europe and did pioneering work in developing music
therapy for disabled children.

I am extremely versatile in all areas of piano music such as Classical,
Semi-classical, and Jazz Improvisations using all of the modern
chord systems

Music is a very important part of each person’s life experiences.
Highly evolved and deeply inspiring music, such as harmonious classical and
semi-classical, stimulates, enhances and harmonizes the mental and spiritual
development of children’s minds and greatly increases the ability of K – 12
students to master all school subjects with better understanding.

The power of musical training to help a person grow physically, mentally, and
spiritually has no age limit. After discovering that my sophisticated training
and experience in music theory and piano techniques were not sufficient to
enable me to most effectively teach students of all ages, I found it necessary
to develop highly intuitive psychological methods of music teaching that can be
specifically characterized for each individual student.  For example,
techniques which I have developed for resolving disharmony into harmony are
directly applicable to resolving the disharmonious painful problems of life into
pleasant and loving harmonious life experiences.  I have graduated many
students who are living very happy lives today who are testimonies to the
effectiveness of my holistic teaching of music. All potential students who are
seriously interested please call:

Ms. Erika Monteith. Phone:  912-961-7021  (Savannah,
Georgia, USA)