Music & Math Resources


  1. The Geometric Calculus Research and Development Website of David
    Hestenes.  This excellent website contains everything that is required
    for the ambitious mathematician to learn all that he desires to know about
    Universal Geometric Algebra.

  2. The Sympathetic Vibratory Physics of Dale Pond. The metaphysical
    research and development of Dale Pond is concerned with the The Ultimate
    Universal Laws of the Cosmos, The Physics of Love, and the Direction and
    Projection of Energy by the Action of Music.

  3. The Projective Geometry Website of Nick Thomas This website contains the
    results of research and development in the space and counter-space aspects
    of Projective Geometry that has been on-going for more than 130 years since
    Rudolf Steiner inspired his colleagues and students to pursue it as a
    language that could possibly unify physical and spiritual science.

  4. The University of Science and Philosophy Website of Walter & Lao

    Walter Russell was a genius in Art and Spiritual Philosophy. Even though he
    was not a mathematician or physicist, his highly developed consciousness of
    the Living Cosmos enabled him to write The Universal One , which went very
    far in expounding verbally and artistically the Unified Spiritual and
    Physical structure of our awesome Cosmos. Study of his work is highly

  5. The Cosmic Octave Theory of Hans Cousto.

    All mathematicians who desire to do research on The Cosmic Octave, as the
    origin of harmony, will find that studying the work of Hans Cousto will
    quickly enable them to  reach the frontier.

  6. The Music of the Heart Website of Thomas Vaczy Hightower.

    Thomas Hightower has researched deeply into the metaphysical realms of Music
    and Sound. He has written extensively on the octave, the creation of music
    scales, Information Theory and Cybernetics.

  7. The Lambdoma Website of Barbara Hero

    Barbara Hero has spent her entire life working on the Lambdoma of
    Pythagoras. Her paper:  The Lambdoma Matrix and Harmonic Intervals was
    published in the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Journal,
    March/April 1999, page 61.

  8. The Light in the Meeting Tent  Website of
    Stan Tenen. 
    Tenen shows that the first book of Genesis
    generates a mathematical torus and that the  Hebrew Alphabet is based
    on the human hand.  This is all in keeping with the Absolute Law
    of Oneness.