The path to Culminated Soulmate Union, and the Bliss of Cosmic Oneness, bound  and centered by the Love of Yahweh.


To our beautiful Earth Goddess Gaia and her beloved children and assistants,  the evolved Women of Mankind (Goddesses), who are preparing to give birth to  Yahweh’s Children of Light that will initiate the beginning of the Golden Age  when they, who are the wondrous Goddesses of Life and Love, will once again  regain their Glorious Throne; And to the evolved Men of Mankind (Gods) who have  evolved beyond the need and desire for war and who are ready to assume their  divine role of respecting, honoring, and supporting their adorable Goddesses by  giving them the deepest heartfelt love that springs from the very essence of  their souls. Who realize, with profound humility, that their Goddesses are the  mothers of Infinite Universes and that the ultimate truth of Divine Creation  dwells innately within them. Who deeply feel that the spirits of their Goddesses  contain the seeds of all that is good and beautiful; indeed, they bless her and  praise her because she is the most Sacred Being next to God the Cosmos who is  the representative of Yahweh, the Nameless One.


Soulmate Cosmological Action, describes the action path of life that soulmate  pairs must follow to contribute uniquely to Cosmic Evolution and obtain their  blissful crown of Oneness. It guides them toward finding their path, and  developing their personal  cosmology.

It describes the universality of soulmate interaction, which creates all  things, and how it is modeled by the octave of music which is itself  theoretically derived from basic arithmetic; thus, it shows how children can be  taught music and arithmetic simultaneously! It can help each reader to ask and  answer questions that are uniquely pertinent to their life. It implies that the  bliss of Soulmate Oneness is an eternal reward that can only be earned by  learning from the agonizing experiences which are generated by the dual action  processes of life.


If you wish to obtain supreme happiness, live your life through the wonderful  and divinely inspired act of giving and re-giving. Always give because you are  filled with the Light and Love of Yahweh and not because you expect anything in  return. However, by law, the Cosmos must always re-give in return something that  is equal to or greater in value than that which you gave to it. Since you did  not require that anything had to be given back to you in return for what you  gave, God the Cosmos was left free and unconstrained to not only choose the  thing that it desired to return to you, but also the manner with which it is  returned to you. Since God the Cosmos is most intimately acquainted with you, it  will always return to you those things which will satisfy your profound needs,  and meet your most urgent requirements!


Thought creates duality; duality re-generates thought; the action of this  vicious circle, gives rise to consciousness and awareness. The Light of Love can  only be perceived with respect to the Darkness of Fear(Hate), and the reverse is  also true. Thus, the Light of Love and the Darkness of Fear can exist only  because of each other; consequently, they are indissolubly united and are the  foundation of your consciousness. Balancing them into Oneness is a major goal of  spiritual evolution.

Since there can be no winner without a loser, no good without evil, and no  beauty without ugliness, Duality is the essence of all consciousness and Being.

Your consciousness of Being which is announced as “I am Me”, is  nothing but a reverberation of Yahweh proclaiming: “I am that I am”;  therefore, your very existence, which is accentuated by duality, is Absolute  Proof of Yahweh inspiring you from within and enfolding you from without.

When you read something in this book which you think is ‘True’, then make  certain that you comprehend the ‘False’ with respect to which it is  referenced; if you read something that you think is ‘False’, then it is  absolutely necessary that you recognize the ‘True’ to which it is  referenced.

When you read this book with these things in mind, it just simply IS, and the  duality of reality is sustained without strengthened the Mind’s worst enemy;  which is the conflict between ‘for this thing’, and ‘against that thing’.