High Strange New Mexico

Several years ago, I walked into the original Roswell UFO Museum
to speak to the late Walter Haut, the man who first announced
to the world that an extraterrestrial craft had crashed near
Roswell.Little did I know that I’d end up being a featured subject in the
documentary “High Strange New Mexico.” Producer
Anthony DellaFlora and Director James Lujan were just setting up their
camera when I walked into Walter’s office. My conversation with him
was the very first footage they filmed on what became a two-year

Due to various circumstances, my wife, Erika, and I did not get to see
the finished movie until just recently. But it was worth the wait.

We were very impressed with it because it was made directly at the
“grassroots,” so to speak, and for that reason it is more
informative and believable than all of the other documentaries that
are being presented on the History and Discovery channels today.

I invite you to see for yourself. You can view a streaming version of
the film right now, for $4.95. Click here to see the trailer first,
then prepare to be taken to another world, without leaving your living

All the best,




High Strange New Mexico for $4.95, Pay-Per-View

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