Book: Table of Contents

Biographical Preface

The Elohim
Purpose of the Book
The Mythology or Cosmology of Soulmates
Notes and References

CHAPTER ONE Soulmates the Essence of Cosmic Oneness
The Essence of Soulmate Evolution
What is Magnetic Attraction
Unity for Soulmates
Finding each other
The Soulmate Phenomena
Differences in Soulmate Relationships
Creating a Dream
Everybody can Expect a Soulmate
Hope for Everyone
The Vision and Power of Soulmates
Soulmate Sex
Soulmates: Creators of Infinite Universes
Notes and References

CHAPTER TWO   The Principle of the Harmonic

Interchange of Love-Energy

between Soulmate pairs
The Pendulum
The Cosmic PGI
The Law of Threes
Soulmate Evolutionary Action
The Lagrangian and Hamiltonian of Soulmate Action
Notes and References

CHAPTER THREE     The Dual Action Cycle of

Spiritual Evolution
From Darkness to Light
From Oneness to Separateness
Masculine, Feminine and Neutral Action
Phases of the Action Cycle of Evolution
Spirit Communication
Soulmate Love in the Negative Phase
The Nature Religion of Indigenous People
The Environment and Spiritual Evolution
Thought and Duality
The Elohim in Action
Notes and References

CHAPTER FOUR     Gender in Mathematics
The Language of Mathematics
Operations of the Positive Sign
Operations of the Negative Sign
Operations of the Null Element
The Illegal Act of Taking in Nature
Notes and References

CHAPTER FIVE Sunbeams of God’s Spiritual Sunshine
God’s Sun Center
The Action of God’s Spiritual Sunshine
Shining Creatively
How to Shine Divinely
The Seven Mental Aspects of Creative Thought
Desire, Thought, and Prayer
Action and Reaction
Recognizing the Answers to Prayers
The Darkness of Taking and the Light of Giving
Purpose and Blissful Happiness
Notes and References

CHAPTER SIX The Duality between Light and Darkness
The Conflict between Good and Evil
Dual-sexed-interaction between Life and Death,  Darkness and Light
Duality and the Illusion of Opposites
Action, Reaction and Freedom of Choice
The Fear of Death
Boot Camp of the Gods
Notes and References

CHAPTER SEVEN Evolutionary action of the Elohim
The Children of Light and Darkness
Universes within Universes
The Cosmic Man
Evolution through Mate-ship
Electron-Proton Mate-ship (Electrical Action)
Notes and References

CHAPTER EIGHT    The Numerical Foundation

of the Musical Octave
Vibration: The Energy of Love
Numerology (Gematria)
Vibrations in the Cosmic Lattice
From Arithmetic to Music
Developing the Action Octave
The Arithmetical Design of the Octave
Counting up and down the Octave
The Octave, Bounded and Centered by Yahweh
The Note Frequencies of the Fundamental Octave
Masculine and Feminine Action of the Octave
The Octave as a Model of Soulmate Balance
The Cosmic Octave
Notes and References

CHAPTER NINE  The Sun of God and the Initiation

of Soulmate Evolution
History of the Sun of God
The Soulmate Cosmological Action of the Solar System
The Sun-cross of Human Spiritual Evolution
The Profound Ethical Evolution of Divine Elohim Soulmates
The Sun-cross and Celibacy
Yeshua, the Son of the Sun
The Crucifixion of Yeshua
The History of the Cross and its Symbolic Meaning
The Sun-cross, the Caduceus, and the Octave
Yeshua and Apollonius of Tyana: The Masculine and

Feminine Aspects of the Sun-cross

The Level of Spiritual Evolution on Earth Today
Notes and References

CHAPTER TEN    Apollonius of Tyana and the Origin of

the Christian Religion
Introductory Remarks
Evolutionary Action in the Negative Phase
Historical Search for Christ
Apollonius of Tyana
The Forbidden Book
Yeshua, Apollonius, and the Light Ships of the Elohim
The Council of Nicea (325 A
The Dissipation and Destruction of Knowledge
The Book of Revelation
Notes and References

CHAPTER ELEVEN Soulmate Action and the Rise of
the Goddess
Decline in Awareness of Soulmate Action
Suppression of the Feminine Aspect
The Bible, the Koran, and Spiritual Guidance
Apollonius and the Elohim Gods
Yeshua and the Glory of the Goddess
Preparing for the Reign of the Goddess
Notes and References

CHAPTER TWELVE    Evolution of the Elohim

in the Cosmos
Unfolding the Absolute Octave
The Octave of Spiritual Evolution
Evolution of the Elohim from the Beginning
The Children of the Elohim and the Children of the Illuminati
Evolving to the Top of the Tree of Cosmic Consciousness
Summary and Conclusions
Notes and References

APPENDIX I Time, Consciousness and Awareness
Summary of Soulmate Evolution in Time

APPENDIX II   Yahweh’s Control of Human Evolution

through the Masculine and Feminine

Action of the Sun-God and His

Soulmate, the Earth Goddess
The Evolutionary Masculine and Feminine Action of our Sun
Our Sun and the Human Spectrum on Earth
Our Sun stimulates the development of Human Ethnicity
The Functions of Mythology
The Genetic Potential of Soulmates to Evolve through
Learning and Creativity
The Five Principle Ethics of Evolving Social Groups
The Solar Powered Circuit of Spiritual Evolution
Generation of the Evolutionary Experiences of Life
through the Conflict of Ethics
Catastrophic change in Ethics
Summary and Conclusions
Notes and References

APPENDIX III The Glorious Destiny of Man

APPENDIX IV The Persian Rosary

APPENDIX V Spiritual Message from a Light Ship

APPENDIX VI Zero, Gender, Infinity
Language, Nature and Spiritual Learning
The Concept of Zero
Functions in Extension and Intension
Intensional Psychological Blindness
The Law of the One
Our Ancient Heritage
The Geometry of Ancient Civilizations
The Three Great Irrational Numbers and Pyramid Design
The Pi Pyramid
The Phi Pyramid
The E Pyramid
Hyperbolic and trigonometric Functions
Notes and References

APPENDIX VII Light Action and the Octave

Scroll Microscope
Configuration and Dual Variables
The Multiple Radiation Source Microscope
Theory and Technology
Notes and References

APPENDIX VIII   The Golden Ratio and the Operator

of Creation
Geometric Wisdom
The Golden Ratio
The Golden Ratio in the Great Pyramid
The Fibonacci Spiral
The Teleois
The Creation Octave Operator
The Octave of the Atom
Comparison of Monteith, Russell, and American Indian

The Seven Chakras of the Living Pleiades
Notes and References

APPENDIX IX  The Physical Senses: Instruments of

Evolutionary Experience in

The Senses of the Astral
The Senses of the Astral and Spiritual
The Awareness Power of Oneness
Notes and References

APPENDIX X Educating the Children of the Elohim
Primitive Man: The Unconscious Automaton
Learning: The Accelerator of Human Spiritual Evolution
Pre-Birth Prerequisites
Child Development During the Critical First Six Years
Essential Tools for the Spiritual Development of the

Children of the Elohim
Essential Tools for Elementary Music and

Mathematical Development
Advanced Tools for Mental and Spiritual Development
Avoiding Intellectual Atrophy
Conscious Experience of Oneness with Nature
Notes and References

APPENDIX XI  Characteristics of Fully Culminated


APPENDIX XII The Eternal Presence of the Elohim
The Dimensionality of Awareness
Evidence for the Light Ships on Earth
Notes and References