Dr. Henry C. Monteith, a Mathematical Metaphysician, and Erika  G. Monteith, a Pianist and Pedagogue of Music, were ordained by Yahweh, from the beginning of time, to  culminate their soulmate union and experience the awesome bliss of Its Oneness  enfolded in Its Light and Love.

As we emerged from the womb, our first cries were yearnings to  find each other in this lifetime because the inevitability of it was ingrained  within our subconscious minds. We evolved through the agonies of war and painful inflictions to our bodies and minds, generated by  disease,  physiological defects, and man’s inhumanity to man. Gradually,  as we learned the lessons,  taught by our enlightening experiences, our  spirits moved closer and closer together. Then  suddenly, after 62 years of  evolving and searching we found each other at last! Then the Heavens opened and  as the Light of Yahweh shined down upon us, It bound us together with Its
awesome Love and ordained that we know the bliss of Its Oneness forever.

In this book we describe the path we followed and the Sun-cross we carried to  make our personal  contribution to the evolution of the Cosmos and obtain  our crown of eternal bliss. It can only  serve as a guide to help you find  your unique path along which you must carry the Sun-cross for  yourself.   Soulmate Oneness is not a gift that is handed down from heaven, it must be
earned by  evolving through the agony and the ecstacy of life’s  experiences.


Dr. Henry & Erika Monteith

Dr. Henry & Erika Monteith