Soulmate Cosmological Action

Supporting Articles

  1. Attention to Everybody Who Wants to Know Why?
  2. 2012: Regenerative Sun Guidance
  3. The Golden Age of Egypt
  4. Prelude to Everything
  5. The Wigner Enigma
  6. Man’s Greatest Achievement
  7. A Woman’s Response to Stephen Hawking
  8. Holistic Education and Sir John Eccles
  9. Heaven in the Eternal Now
  10. Grace and Prayer
  11. Ethics and the Octave of the Sun
  12. Expansion_of_Consciousness
  13. The Elohim Starfleets
  14. Music and Your Cells
  15. UFO Documentary: High Strange New Mexico
  16. Time Capsule Discovery
  17. 2016-04-03-THE-GREAT-REVELATIONS-V01
  18. 2016-04-03-THE-GREAT-REVELATIONS-V02
Soulmate Cosmological Action

Soulmate Cosmological Action

The Cosmic Theory of Everything and Holistic Education

Holistic Education

  1. From Materialism to Cosmic Awareness
  2. The Theory of Everything and Holistic Education
  3. Foundations
  4. Christ (Ouranos)
  5. Carver (Creativity)
  6. Einstein (Music)
  7. Landone (Eternally Timeless)
  8. Genesis (Creation Laws)
  9. Evolution (Spirit Cycle I) V04
  10. Evolution (Spirit Cycle II)
  11. Awakening the Children (I)
  12. Awakening the Children (IIA).
  13. Awakening the Children (IIB)
  14. Awakening the Children III (2016 update)
  15. The Great American Prophet Of Education
  16. Duality, the Child’s Greatest Lesson
  17. University Cosmic Light

Oneness and Energy

  1. The Consciousness of Energy I
  2. The Consciousness of Energy II

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Erika Monteith – A Journey Through Time for Everyone

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